The 15 greatest AMG cars!
8 ditë më parë
Moris Hogo
Moris Hogo 8 orë më parë
Endless money pit
Cross 8 orë më parë
ppl are moving away from silver trim....everyone blacks out their trims nowadays
MrBobbystu 8 orë më parë
Is it me or are the panels at 2:13 misaligned ?
deladonchi 8 orë më parë
Rory is doing a great job at auto trader. Hmmm... Just saying.
John Duggan
John Duggan 8 orë më parë
That color is so bad. Looks cheap
Avery Pierce
Avery Pierce 8 orë më parë
S H N 8 orë më parë
For some reason I am seeing a Toyota Prius when I look at the back of this car 😂
Davor Vrki
Davor Vrki 8 orë më parë
Fantastic and beautiful car... Audi is the best
Peter Müller
Peter Müller 8 orë më parë
damn that's a nice Hyundai Flying Spur
Ace Gkhan
Ace Gkhan 8 orë më parë
9:32 1-4-E,,, 1-7-E
Pranjil Soni
Pranjil Soni 8 orë më parë
In india swift is one of the worst cars in terms of safety and build quality
Swaminathan Krishnamoorthi
Swaminathan Krishnamoorthi 8 orë më parë
Apart from the steering being unresponsive, it seems to be a much better car than all of its competitors. Why the hate LMAO
Burak Adalan
Burak Adalan 8 orë më parë
its a stupid. Because bmw have 1.6 L motors and 170hp Audi have 2.0 190 hp lol.
Eversti Sandels
Eversti Sandels 8 orë më parë
Nice reference.
Majah Syn
Majah Syn 8 orë më parë
BMW launched so late 1st run
Soku Dakumo
Soku Dakumo 8 orë më parë
When does the Golf 8 R get a Review? :)
lofthousehh 8 orë më parë
I would definitely put a roll cage in any kinda fast miata.
shieldopeda 1
shieldopeda 1 8 orë më parë
Why you compare it with tesla model x . This audi is not a 7 seater
J SHIO 8 orë më parë
Any plans for the MODEL Y?
Warui Dee
Warui Dee 8 orë më parë
Audi should built one that's not electric but a twin to this one
Alex McCubbin
Alex McCubbin 8 orë më parë
What a pointless piece of sh1t! 150 mile range. Useful for school runs, (where it's 0 - 60 time might not really be relevant) it's a real Chelsea tractor and NOTHING ELSE. Why can't you, Matt, speak the truth about junk like this. Obviously conceived to tick boxes for Germany's green regulations, there isn't a real driver in the world would want one.
LISA STERN 8 orë më parë
The worst car company that exists, I have dealt with many higher end companies that have dignity, accountability & responsibility. My mom could have died at Audi’s hands, to this day they keep saying we need to pay for a diagnostics test for them to even consider trying to figure out why the engine started to go around 30k miles, we have had to put oil in the car weekly to date and the most serious debacle: the gas tank imploded in the back seat because of where it’s located the entire back area of the car became gas soaked slowly. Audi could have cared less and we had to pay for it, the mechanic who worked on it used to work for Audi...he said if anyone would have been near this car with a cigarette/match it would have exploded. Deplorable humans and company, #zeroaccountability for a very serious situation. I still have not heard back, only from the bots & robots that respond that WE NEED TO PAY FOR A DIAGNOSTICS TEST. DIspicable, #consumersbeware
Marco Van Der Bank
Marco Van Der Bank 8 orë më parë
I'd lose to the e63 driver just to shut him up, sounds like an arrogant prick with excuses for everything.
Lars Verlinden
Lars Verlinden 8 orë më parë
i don't know why people would choose the cullinan and not this , this has way more luxury and looks better. The interior off the cullinan looks like it's from 2010...
Nick Sloan
Nick Sloan 8 orë më parë
Yaris fanboy much?
||||upjidasoid 8 orë më parë
And here comes the end of Tesla as predicted. The Germans basically make a better car than Elon’s awful looking Tesla’s
vincentnjuguna 9 orë më parë
Can't wait for the 2022 V8 Defender. Matt kindly redo this drag with it
kk gg
kk gg 9 orë më parë
Bmw is the King, always Bad start 400 kg More than Porsche and was always close to Porsche
Асхад Паштов
Асхад Паштов 9 orë më parë
Почему вы нетестируйте гиперкары например кëнег зег или бугати широ?
Otto72ish 9 orë më parë
Only an utter knuckle dragger would buy a Hummer.
Mason Littlewood
Mason Littlewood 9 orë më parë
anyone see mat on bt sport last night
Hamdhy Zaeem
Hamdhy Zaeem 9 orë më parë
Review Hummer EV 🤔
awesomemike -
awesomemike - 9 orë më parë
Overpriced, faulty box. Congrats to audi yet again.
Philippos krizopoulos
Philippos krizopoulos 9 orë më parë
Even the center console that he is trying so hard to disturb, isnt moving noticably^^
zainw 9 orë më parë
I was wondering why u didn't show cup holders in rear seats
mr.T!m 9 orë më parë
Those mp/h on these cars climb up like km/h on a normal sports car like an AMG or so, that’s fucking brutal
Blaze064 9 orë më parë
these headlights almost blind me through my screen, imagine having one of these drive behind you and having these lights reflect into your eyes in your rear-view mirror
Dan Ranger
Dan Ranger 9 orë më parë
Some of the reviews are really informative and enjoyable, other times I wonder why he bothers.
Elliott Causton
Elliott Causton 9 orë më parë
When will you have the e-tron GT Quattro!?
Grant Bolton
Grant Bolton 9 orë më parë
2.7 tons?!! Much heavier and you will need a lorry licence to drive it! So much for eco friendly :D
Josh 256m
Josh 256m 9 orë më parë
Not fair to have the rubicon against the normal defender
Marco Schünemann
Marco Schünemann 9 orë më parë
Go home dodge ;)
Alden Mason
Alden Mason 9 orë më parë
“Very responsive” as the infotainment visibly lags
Dan Alex
Dan Alex 9 orë më parë
This car looks fantastic !!! Imagine this with a V8 roar !!
Neil Davis
Neil Davis 9 orë më parë
Square boxes on wheels.. No thanks.
Boorock70 9 orë më parë
That's too much bling inside... Very arabic & primitive taste, my eyes are bleeding ! Infotainment screen shifted down but not integrated enough. Still seems incomplete but much better than the horrible "tablet-on-dash" trend. - Hey Mercedes, ditch those ugly chrome accents everywhere & complete the integration of the screen with the dash... Just STOP trying to be different & stay classic-calm.
Dan Alex
Dan Alex 9 orë më parë
I disliked the video because it features an electric car
BadrBouzid 9 orë më parë
why comparing audi???
NJROKZZ 9 orë më parë
Mat which car you think is worthy in all aspects
Lanka Man
Lanka Man 9 orë më parë
You have to buy a pack for the rear seat cupholders?..... Wow. Just wow. The bar has been raised for fleecing customers....again.
Shubham Patil Vlog's
Shubham Patil Vlog's 9 orë më parë
Elon musk can't get more prouder.
Noah Klöckner
Noah Klöckner 9 orë më parë
I just hate the grill, doesn’t look good
0ptixPrime 9 orë më parë
Ok this is just nit picking... The same can be said for any other car design. I don't see the problem here and it's not like it's doing a hard copy of another car design...
Ellery Temple
Ellery Temple 9 orë më parë
Give me the Porsche
Brandon Humphrey
Brandon Humphrey 9 orë më parë
The original R8 will always be specal
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 9 orë më parë
Like the China special puddle lights classless...
metro2002 9 orë më parë
2.7 tonnes. wtf, does audi forge their cars out of lead? You local tyre dealer will know you by name pretty quick with that weight and that much power. Why does it have to be so huge and heavy. Make it the size of an audi a3 witth the same sort of styling and a normal person pricetage and they'll sell a lot i'm sure.
Du Handre Nel
Du Handre Nel 9 orë më parë
G for the win
Unknowbobby Bob
Unknowbobby Bob 9 orë më parë
3:34 m8 gone m5 driver sleeping
Baro 9 orë më parë
this would look great in black :O
animation hub
animation hub 9 orë më parë
the shape from the side view looks like a Porsche cayenne or bmw x6
BARAN 949 9 orë më parë
Can you do A7 competition vs bmw 640d
Shay P
Shay P 9 orë më parë
Even that “consider” Tucson has reclining seats and softer material on rear doors, rear climate zone, fully opening rear windows with blinds & levers to fold seats from the good if Audi copied it into their car 3x the price
nickel campbell
nickel campbell 9 orë më parë
Me: hey do you see my shoes Matt: click on the pop-up banner up there to find out how much you can save on buying a brand new shoes through carwow Me: where's the pop-up banner Matt: click on the pop-up banner up there to find out
Khadija Shaheen
Khadija Shaheen 9 orë më parë
Hi hi
test teters
test teters 9 orë më parë
Octavia 2020 looks better inside
delboy 9 orë më parë
Anyone else think porshe is lying about the engine output 😂😂
goaty - NM
goaty - NM 9 orë më parë
only impressed by the look tbh, nothing else
George F
George F 9 orë më parë
The 2 usb c ports in the front are useless. They offer only 5v 0.4A, which means charging is either impossible or too slow to matter. Only the ports in the back give more power and actually charge the phone/tablet. Also, there is no regular 12v socket, so your options are limited. Or you could charge your phones in the boot.
Bts funny comedy short videos
Bts funny comedy short videos 9 orë më parë
BMW is better
Ostone 9 orë më parë
Alfa Romeo aluminium flask? respect Mat
Relja Glavaški
Relja Glavaški 9 orë më parë
Mat would you review the new Renault Talisman?
Ronnie Johansson
Ronnie Johansson 9 orë më parë
V6 is the sound i like, But everything over it sonds good aswel
RDJ2 9 orë më parë
I think the new BMW's are absolutely stunning. Never been a big beamer fan but they nailed it.
Matthew Whitelow
Matthew Whitelow 9 orë më parë
EV’s are massively expensive and inferior to diesel and petrol in so many ways. Enforced generally and Jaguar joined this recently from 2025 no new sales of petrol and diesel. Feel like I am been told what to do and what to think and what I am allowed to buy and what I should do for the environment and conscience...far from impressed..... # the old days....mid 40’s BTW.
Billy Bigboy
Billy Bigboy 9 orë më parë
Its OK inside its 95K it should be top notch.
Luke 9 orë më parë
When a 100k Audi looks like a midrange Kia
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 9 orë më parë
*How dare you?*
SnipeLord 9 orë më parë
I like the new balances G
navin rodrigo
navin rodrigo 9 orë më parë
Audi 🇩🇪🤟🏻❤️❤️ damn !! Just look at it 🤟🏻❤️🥂